Walking Poles make Walking more fun & a lot more beneficial...

Regular Walking vs Pole Walking

This diagram says it all &
I think the question should instead be . . .
"Why would you want to walk without Poles?"

Especially since adding Walking Poles engages nearly double the muscles!

And by increasing the use of all those extra muscles you more than double your benefits:

  • Burn up to 48% more Calories
  • Improve Cardio Fitness by 22%
  • Lighten Lower Joint Impact 26%
  • Align & Strengthen Core
  • Build Upper Body Muscles
My physical therapist says I have passed the benchmarks set for me, and she calls me her “poster girl.” I had a checkup with my orthopedic surgeon yesterday, and he said I could skip the twelve-week checkup and comeback in six months!…

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Scarborough, ME - United States