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Physical Benefits research for walking with poles

North America’s Medical System is more challenged than ever with epidemic proportions in cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease & obesity! It’s a scientific fact that Exercise is at the top of the list to help prevent & sometimes even help cure many health challenges.

See the studies below that support - just adding Walking Poles to a simple Walk can help people gain a wide-range of physical benefits.

4 Physical Benefits Research Categories Below

Calorie Expenditure Increase using Walking Poles Research

Mayo Clinic - Walking poles work your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back muscles Using walking poles for Calorie Expenditure Increase research Walking poles work your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back muscles through a full range of motion as you walk.Think of it as cross-country skiing for walkers: With one walking pole in each hand, you grip the handles and push off… [Continue Reading]
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Mayo Clinic physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Edward Laskowski, M.D.,
Walking poles: Good way to maximize a daily walk?
Mayo Clinic

Cooper Institute Study - Pole Walking Results in Approximately 20% Increase in Oxygen Consumption Using walking poles for Calorie Expenditure Increase research A study by the Cooper Institute showed that pole walking resulted in approximately a 20% increase in oxygen consumption and energy expenditure compared to regular walking at the same speed. Thus, the implementation of upper body… [Continue Reading]
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A. Karawan, J.P. Porcari, N.K. Butts, A.M. Postmus, L. Stoughton, & J. Larkin.
Effects Of 12 Weeks Of Walking Or Exerstriding On Upper Body Strength And Endurance
La Crosse Exercise and Health Program, UW-La Crosse and Lutheran Hospital, La Crosse, WI

Cardio-Respiratory Health Benefits using Walking Poles Research

Study Shows Walking Poles Signifantly Increase Oxygen Uptake Using walking poles for Cardio-Respiratory Health Benefits research It was found that the use of walking poles significantly increased oxygen uptake, heart rate and energy expenditure by approximately 20% compared to walking without poles in fit subjects. In Porcari’s study of 32 healthy men and… [Continue Reading]
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Porcari JP, Hendrickson TL, Walter PR, Terry L, Walsko G.
The physiological responses to walking with and without Power Poles on treadmill exercise.
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 1997 Jun; 68(2): 161-6

Psychological Benefits using Walking Poles Research

The psychological profiles before and after 12 weeks of Pole Walking Using walking poles for Psychological Benefits research A study at the University of Wisconsin measured the psychological profiles before and after 12 weeks of walking or Exerstrider training in adult women. This study concluded that Exerstrider showed significant improvements in… [Continue Reading]

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