Walking Poles make Walking more fun & a lot more beneficial...

Get Walking Smart

You’ve made up your mind – you’re going to get out there & get exercising!

You don’t have a lot of time or a large budget & you love the outdoors so you decide to take up walking. The only thing is, many people don’t even think of walking as exercise . . . I mean in order to get & keep fit, you’ve got to walk far & fast for it to really count.

It of course depends on how intensely you walk, whether or not you are on an incline, swinging or pumping your arms. BUT - unfortunately - no matter how fast you go or how much you swing your arms – walking still only uses less than 50% of your muscles!

. . . So after your walk you’ll need to do some push-ups, sit-ups & dumb-bells to work your upper body.

Now here’s how adding Walking Poles makes Walking SMART:

  • You'll be kinder to your body
    • naturally aligning your posture while you lighten lower-body impact on the ground by 26%.
  • You'll get more benefits
    • increase your cardio a min of 20% & your calorie-burn up to 48%.

And without walking any faster or working any harder . . .You'll do it all:

  • In less time
    • 30mins Pole Walking = 50min regular walking + you do your push-ups, sit-ups & dumb-bells while you walk!
  • With less effort
    • by standing taller, breathing deeper & using your whole body – your effort is LESS!

I don’t know about you but that all sounds pretty SMART to me!

Taking a stroll or a brisk walk – is still better than staying home watching television.

But if you want to take that walk to the next level & basically 'turn a simple walk around the block onto an efficient, effective, aerobic – total body workout' get Walking Poles & start Walking Smart.

Walk On - Sheri Simson, 'The Pole Lady'

After having kids, there was that last 10-15 pounds left on that I never could seem to shed.…

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