The all-seasons, all-terrain, four-legged advantage...

What Makes Keenfit Walking Poles Special

Not all Walking Poles are Created Equal...

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After extensive personal research and testing (that's walking with them herself) -
The Pole Lady has taken the best of the best and designed these walking poles…
If you find any others out there less expensive
'BEWARE'- Double check and compare -
comfort & quality are vitally important so you can truly enjoy pole walking and get all it’s benefits.

This is what makes Keenfit Walking Poles Special...

  • Telescopic adjustable poles - our patented Keenfit DURO-LOCK-Power Locking System keeps our walking poles both quiet & rattle-free, while guaranteeing that you can custom-set & safely-secure up to 250lbs of pressure at your-correct-height [With the correct-height being key to avoiding stress on your lower back & even possible injury] - well at the same time their adjustability make them easy to store and transport.
  • Light -weight aluminum-alloy shafts - that are strong & durable for ease of use & low-impact benefits with a Life-time Warrantee.
  • Moisture absorbent cork-mix handle - that keeps your grip cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter & its’ shape helps you relax your hand & help prevent against blisters.
  • Ergonomically designed palm-straps - easily adjustable Velcro straps for a custom fit, with special breathable nylon palm pads… that sit comfortably on the palm of the hand to help relax your grip while you control & handle your walking poles.
  • Road foot [2-pairs included]- a specially designed, angular quality-rubber, shock-absorbent foot - used for walking on harder, more compact surfaces like: roads, sidewalks, concrete & asphalt.
  • Trail foot [1-pair included] - a round, flat bottomed rubber stub - used for walking on looser surfaces and hard to medium compact trails - like: gravel roads, park paths or trails.
  • Carbide steel tips [1on each pole] - a solid carbide metal-tip built into the end of the walking pole - used for lesser compact terrain or slippery surfaces - like: some hiking trails or icy roads.
  • Beach basket [1-pair included] - a plastic disc-shaped basket with threads to attach it onto the end of the walking poles (just up from the tip) - used for sandy or grassy terrain - to stop the poles from going too deep into softer ground.
  • Safety reflector tape [on both poles] - helping those early morning or late day walkers to be seen on the roads.
  • 'Pole Walking Tips' & 'How to set your Poles' [included] - every pair of Keenfit Walking Poles comes with simple and easy to follow instructions to help you set-up and properly use your poles for maximum benefits and enjoyment - Along with FREE - online Instructional Videos.
  • Safety Reflector Tape [on each Pole] - helping those early morning or late day walkers to be seen on the roads.
...they have immensely helped me with my recovery and I LOVE them. I walk every day, rain or shine…

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Abbotsford, BC - Canada