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Multi-Terrain Abilities

Take your Keenfit Walking Poles anywhere...

Your Keenfit Walking Poles will be able to take you anywhere. The basic accessories like carbide-tips; trail-feet; beach-baskets & road-feet all come standard with our Walking Poles.
Walking Pole Carbide Tip Carbide-tips – are great for off-road, more rugged terrain – they help you to dig into anything from hard-rock to uneven softer trails – used with the trail baskets they prevent your Walking Poles from sinking into the softer, looser ground. You wouldn’t want to use the carbide-tips for walking on roads though [if the noise doesn’t get you the vibration up each arm is sure to!].

Walking Pole Beach Basket Beach / Trail Baskets – are plastic disks that easily screw on – approximately 3 inches up from the bottom of the walking pole – baskets are designed for beach/sand & deep grassy trails - they prevent your Walking Poles from sinking into the softer, looser ground – like grass or sand.

Walking Pole Trail Foot Trail-feet – are made of durable rubber to wear on the bottom of your Walking Poles over your carbide-tips for looser, less compact terrain.They help you to grip more rugged ground on a variety of different trails and can be worn with the trail baskets to prevent your poles from sinking into the softer, looser ground.

Walking Pole Road Foot Road-feet – are made of soft yet durable quality-rubber, perfect for pavement, roads & sidewalks. The softness adds shock-absorbency to hard surfaces – to help you grab the road & propel yourself forward but yet the strength adds toughness - so as not to wear them out too quickly. Keenfit road-feet – if you have proper technique – should last you about 6 months to a 1 year.

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The basic accessories like carbide-tips, trail-feet, beach-baskets & road-feet come with our Poles.
I am 55 yrs. old & have a steel plate in my knee which has resulted in lower back problems. Walking as an exercise was not an option for me.…

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