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Custom-Fit Adjustability for Better Comfort

Your walking poles should fit just right for you...

Pole Walking is not only fun & super beneficial but it is also one of the most easy-to-do & easy-on-you activities out there! What can guarantee you the BEST Pole Walking experience is making sure that your walking poles fit you just right!

How to adjust your walking poles

Your Walking Pole Height:

90 degrees or lessIf your walking poles are too high, you’ll find the poles harder to control which in turn can cause premature wear of your pole feet. If your poles are too low you will tend to lean too far forward and put unwanted stress on your lower back.

"At Keenfit we feel that because no-two body types are alike - it's impossible to calculate the height of your
walking poles using a chart"

Your Palm Straps:

Your Palm-Straps must be adjusted – so that the pressure you put on your walking poles is in the palm/heal of your hand so when you push-down or pull-back you are able to relax the grip of your hands on the pole handles themselves.

Make sure both the strap around your hand & the height of where your hand sits on the handle is just right.

Your walking pole palm-straps example 1
Your walking pole palm-straps example 2
Your walking pole palm-straps example 3

How to set your Walking Poles video:

Duration: 2:16 min
How to adjust your poles and straps
Ben crossing the finish line with Keenfit Walking Poles…

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