These Poles are made for Walking
- hiking, trekking or running, whatever your needs...

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VOTED #1 AGAIN - “Best Walking Poles” by the Reader's Choice Awards!

10's of thousands of Pole Walkers across the world voted, and we won the #1 spot for the 2nd year in a row... Thank you to all our supporters for voting for us!

Keenfit 3-Piece Travel Walking Poles

These light-weight aluminum-alloy, telescopic, adjustable Travel Walking Poles are designed with 2-adjusting points for more compact storage and easy transportation as well an assured customized comfortable fit for the casual average walker or the more aggressive athletic Pole Walking walkers. Read Full Description »

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After having kids, there was that last 10-15 pounds left on that I never…
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  • Sheri Simson - The Pole Lady

Keenfit 3-Piece Travel Walking Poles includes:

  • 2 Keenfit Walking Poles (1 Pair)
  • 2 Pair of Road Feet
  • 1 Pair of Trail Feet
  • 1 Pair of Carbide Tips
  • 1 Pair of Beach/Snow Baskets
  • (14) FREE How-to videos online (these are free to view before you buy) - direct link is:

Walking is one of the most popular and easiest forms of exercise people can do. Simply adding Keenfit Walking Poles to your walk not only makes it easier to do and easier on you - but it makes it so much more beneficial!


  • Each pair of walking Poles are fully adjustable and come with moisture absorbent cork-mix handles and safety 'reflective tape'
  • 30-minutes of Pole Walking equals the same cardio benefits as a 50-minute regular walking
  • Ergonomically Designed Palm Strap allows release between steps so that hands don’t become cramped - fits on palm versus others that can cut into wrists
  • Increase energy, eat and sleep better
  • Burn up to 48% more calories
  • Increase cardio fitness by 20%
  • Handle stress better
  • Lose unwanted weight
  • Increase metabolism
  • Strengthen Core
  • Build upper body muscles
  • Naturally correct body posture
  • Lessen impact - at least 26% off lower joints

3-Piece Dimensions:

  • Size when Disassembled to Telescoped: 20 1/4" to 25" [fit in the Keenfit Pole Tote & mid-sized suit cases]
  • Height of Pole Walker: Extends to custom fit people ranging from 4ft / 122cm tall to 6'4" tall 193 cm (total safe extension of 135 cm)
  • Weight: Each Pole: 0.6 lbs with Road Foot on
  • Material Content: Aluminum Alloy
My arms look like I am lifting weights, nice toned muscles, even though I'm not. It's all from using the poles correctly…

Perni – Age 40
BC, Canada [+] View this testimonial
I have noticed WAY more definition in my arms, in a little over a month, than all my gym sessions…

Kristine – Age 49
Victoria, BC, Canada [+] View this testimonial
They have taken me many places: from Revelstoke National Park to Cathedral Lakes to Enderby Cliffs, Blue Nose Mountain, Pin Cushion, Cougar Canyon, Rim Rocks, High Rim Trail, Little White, Twin Lakes, Vista Pass..and I am not done yet.…

Elisabeth – Age Late 40's
Winfield, BC, Canada [+] View this testimonial
The pic I gave you today was from Ephesus, Turkey.…

Barrie – Age 60's
Vernon, BC, Canada [+] View this testimonial

Q. What kind of guarantee do the Walking Poles have?

  • 100% Guarantee
  • We have a less than .3% return rate
  • We have WON the 2012 & 2013's Reader's Choice Award for BEST Walking Poles
  • Keenfit offers a lifetime warranty on the outer pole shaft.
  • A limited one year warrantee on all other parts (excluding the rubber feet and carbide tips).
  • The warranty is void if the product shows any sign of misuse or abuse (regular wear & tear is not part of the warrantee).
  • Shipping and Handling is non-refundable – it is the buyer’s responsibility to have the walking poles shipped back to Keenfit.
  • All returns must be phoned in and authorized by Keenfit staff (as they need to know the reason for the return).
We have WON the 2012 & 2013's Reader's Choice Award for BEST Walking Poles

Q. Can I use these Poles in the winter / snow?

  • Absolutely – Pole Walking stems from Cross Country Skiing - it’s just Cross Country Skiing without the snow!
  • If there is snow and ice though– the Poles add stability to walking on slippery & uneven ground.
  • By simply removing the rubber Pole feet & using the carbide-tips your walking poles act like ice-picks grabbing at the ice or snow.
  • But it is still suggested that you wear spikes or coils for your boots to ensure your feet will have a good solid grip as well.
    (These spikes or coils slip over your footwear like a galosha - you can find them at most outdoor / adventure gear stores).
  • Walking on ice or snow with good traction on both your feet & your arms makes for some fun & safe winter Walking
    ... Just be sure & buddle-up warm.

Q. How much do new Walking Pole feet cost?

                     Both the Road or Trail feet cost $8.00 per pair + shipping,

                                       Contact Keenfit directly at

                                    Phone:  1-877-KEENFIT (533-6348)

                                          Email:  .

Q. How strong are the adjustable Walking Pole locks?

         Our Keenfit Walking Poles, when extended & tightened, are both strong & secure
                          - each Pole lock can with-stand up to 250 lbs. of pressure.

Q. Where can I get new Walking Pole feet?

                                  Contact Keenfit directly at

                              Phone:  1-877-KEENFIT (533-6348)

                                      Email:  .

Q. How long do the Pole feet last?

                    A pair of Road or Trail feet should last between 6 to 12 months
                                             with hard, continuous, regular use. 
              If you are wearing your feet out faster then that - it is generally a technique issue. . . 

                             If so, be sure & check-out the 'Maximise Your Benefits' link below 
     & follow ALL the instructions with-in it so you can avoid any bad habits or doing anything wrong.

Q. What are the Walking Poles made of?

         Our Keenfit Walking Pole shafts are strong, light-weight & durable
                                  being made of aluminum-alloy.

                              Be sure & check-out the links below
         for more details on what the rest of our pole-parts are made of.

Q. How do I know how high to set my Walking Poles?

                                     Keenfit Walking Poles are easily adjustable & come with
                         both written & Free on-line video instructions on ‘How  to set your Poles’.

  • It is important your Walking Poles aren’t set too-high or they’ll be harder to control & you’ll tend to
    more easily wear-out your pole feet.
  • As well they shouldn’t be set too-low or you’ll tend to lean too far forward when you walk & put
    unnecessary stress on your lower back.
                   Be sure that your Poles are set-up correctly - check-out & follow the links below:

Q. Will these Walking Poles fold–up short enough to fit into a suitcase?

        Though our 3-pc Walking Poles are the most convenient for avid air-travellers. . .
  Both our 2-pc & 3-pc Walking Poles are simple to retract so that they can easily be taken with you.

2-pc Walking Poles

  • Can fit cross-ways in ‘some’ larger suitcases - if you travel we suggest you keep the box that
    they come in & check it in with your other luggage.
  • Otherwise you can put them in with golf clubs, other sports equipment or in a duffle bag
    with other things.
  • Sometimes 'you-can' & sometimes 'you-cannot' carry-on your Walking Poles onto an airplane
    [it depends on the airline – all Security Agents are different].
3-pc Walking Poles

  • Can easily fit cross-ways in most medium & ‘some’ smaller suitcases - if you travel by air
    frequently we suggest you get our Keenfit 3-pc Poles. so they can go in with your checked
                 Be sure & check-out the  'Compare 2-pc & 3-pc Walking Poles' link below
                                           for more details on exact sizes etc. . .

The pic I gave you today was from Ephesus, Turkey.…

[+] View this testimonial Barrie - Age 60's
Vernon, BC - Canada