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What Kind of Pole Walker are You?

Regardless of how much you Pole Walk
. . . we at Keenfit are here to ensure your walking experience is MORE.

If you are quite NEW to Pole Walking. . .

You are a - NEWBIE

Are you a newbie pole walker?
Be sure & follow through this whole 'Get Pole Walking' section starting off with 'Why doing Pole Walking Right Makes a Difference' & how it benefits you most; to 'Understanding all the different Walking Pole Feet Options'; to 'Learning - How-to Set your Walking Poles' so they fit you just right. Then get an over view of the most Common Challenges Beginners have – so you can learn how to avoid them.

All of this to prepare you for the simple, easy to engage Keenfit Walking System... & you’ll be striding along - getting fit - Walking with Poles in no time!

I suggest that if you can - have a friend who you could do this with you or at the very least watch the Videos with you. So they can watch the Videos & then watch you - to help you get it right - it can be very helpful. Either way - just be patient & watch the Videos a few times & remember "The Rule of Thumbs to Remember".

If you AREN'T USING your Walking Poles as much as you'd like. . .

Are you a need to be pole walker?

You are a - NEED-TO-BE

Make sure you go over some of the techniques videos again yourself - to double-check YOUR technique & form - be sure you are using your Poles correctly. I have found that the more confident people are that they are doing it 'right' - the more often they will get out & USE them. As well check-out the whole ‘Get Pole Walking' section as new information continues to be added.

If you're skilled at Pole Walking & USE THEM all the time. . .

You are a - KEENIE

Are you a keenie pole walker?

Watch the for the 'Take Your Pole Walking to the Next Level' in this 'Get Pole Walking' section full of NEW & unique Pole Walking Techniques & exercises that you can do to increase your fitness & to help take your Walk to the next level!
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