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Rules of Thumb to Remember…

                                           It's quite surprising the amount of people, who put Walking Poles 
       in their hands for the first time - take a few steps... & are upset that they’re not instantly an expert.
                                       Well, it takes a little more than just a few steps - but not much more!

                                      'If you can walk – you can Pole Walk.'

                      There is a short learning-curve to master Pole Walking. It is important to Remember:

Rule of Thumb #1

The Rule of Three

The 'Rule of Three'

Is a term Keenfit has coined to help describe
what it takes to become good at Pole Walking.

Some people [a very small percentage]
get-it in
... we generally tease & call those people 'show-offs'!

Most people [that’s at least 97+%]
it takes them about
3-kms / 3-miles or so

Or at least 3-solid-times-out
...The odd person - very few - it may take them a couple more times 
- but not often.

 Check-out 'Don't Think' below in Rule of Thumb #2

So don’t be too hard on yourself -
go a little further or take a little more time
.. or double check that you aren’t 'over-thinking-it'!
One of the biggest problems
people generally have
. . . is that they think-too-much.

Rule of Thumb #2

Don't overthink! Just Pole Walking

'Don't Think'

Is a term Keenfit has coined to help describe
what people often do when they first start out Pole Walking.

They quite often think-too-much & even try-too-hard. When you are
starting out it is important that you are patient, that you relax, have fun
& of course practice. Most of all though - after you go through the
how-to videos & t-up your first-step . . .  & when you  take that first step
- remember... don’t think, don’t think, don’t think!

Trust yourself & don't over-think-it.

                                          Many people ask:
                             "How will I know when I’ve got it ?"
                    Well at Keenfit we want to assure you that 
     You’ll - Just know it . . .soon you'll be striding along with ease!

...they have immensely helped me with my recovery and I LOVE them. I walk every day, rain or shine…

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