Get keen about getting fit - get Keen-Fit...

Use Your Whole-Body…

Why take only half your body for a walk?

Now, you can just schlep your walking poles around - that’s just carrying or dragging them or flicking them forward so you’re not able to properly plant them to pull back-on or push-off of - and you will still be getting more than if you were walking without Poles.

Or, you could learn to 'really' use your Walking Poles.
       Use them so that each step you make
       takes advantage of your whole-body
   helping you to engage double the muscles! 

       Why not minimize your efforts while you
maximizing your results?

My arms look like I am lifting weights, nice toned muscles, even though I'm not. It's all from using the poles correctly…

[+] View this testimonial Perni - Age 40
BC - Canada