The more confident you are using your walking poles,
the more you'll use them & the more you'll benefit...

Pole Walking in the Media

Interview on Okanagan Today

Interview with Sheri Simson, "You're going to love what pole walking does, how it enhances your walking ..."

The perpetual search for the exercise that can turn a body into a caloric incinerator is on the minds of just about everybody wanting to shed a few pounds. And those who pole walk feel they have found just that.

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Interview on Okanagan Today

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Interview on Okanagan Today

They have taken me many places: from Revelstoke National Park to Cathedral Lakes to Enderby Cliffs, Blue Nose Mountain, Pin Cushion, Cougar Canyon, Rim Rocks, High Rim Trail, Little White, Twin Lakes, Vista Pass..and I am not done yet.…

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