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Keenfit Pole Walking System's Beginner-to-Intermediate Pole Walking technique. Ready to STEP UP? Often used for WARM-UP and COOL DOWN, this is a great technique for walking down hill and on uneven, loose terrain like trails, paths or gravel roads!

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Punch-pull is the beginner to intermediate technique of the Keenfit pole walking system being the one to use to warm up with and to cool down with. Because of the angle of the walking poles and your arms, it is also the best for going downhill and for using on uneven or lesser compact terrain like trails, paths or gravel roads.

This pole walking technique is so versatile it can be used for a simple, casual walk or done more aggressively for a substantial workout.

Punch-pull got its name because of the back and forth punch-pull action your forearms go through. Pivot from the shoulder pulling all the way back and through at the elbow.

Remember to keep your wrists locked, your forearms parallel and to pull your elbows all the way back.

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