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How to use Your Walking Poles

No White Caning!

When walking with poles, avoid one of the most common mistakes we see made by people who are new to using walking poles. Don't miss this essential pole walk training!

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No White Caning!

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No White Caning!

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One of the most common mistakes we see is people flicking their walking poles out in front of them, using them like white canes. Your walking poles should never be out in front of you. Stop, lift your walking poles up off the ground while holding your forearms parallel to the ground. Notice how your walking poles naturally go back on an angle.

The secret now is to keep your wrists locked. There should be no wrist action. Notice how the wrists have to bend and cock in order to flip the walking poles forward. This is not natural, comfortable or effective. If you don’t move your wrists, your walking poles will automatically stay in the correct angle back, whether you’re reaching forward or pulling back. In turn, it will help you to propel yourself forward and maximize your follow-through and your benefits.

I don’t just walk and enjoy long, hard hikes but they help me keep my weight in check – and I am always the first one to say “so where are we going next!”…

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