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How to use Your Walking Poles

No Scuffling

Proper Pole Walking Technique helps you to AVOID the premature wear of your Pole Feet! Keenfit Quality walking poles were designed to last many many years! Don't wear them out prematurely, with the right training you will burn more calories and get even more out of your walking poles!

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No Scuffling

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No Scuffling

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Scuffling is a term Keenfit has coined to name the incorrect use of walking poles where the user scuffs the foot of the walking pole along the ground before planting and pushing on, causing premature wear of their walking pole feet.

Compression of the walking pole foot against the ground doesn’t wear it out, but abrasion does. If you are wearing out your walking pole feet quicker than 4-6 months, then you are scuffling.

Scuffling is where the foot of your walking poles hit the ground and scuff along anywhere from 1 to 12 inches before planting and pushing off.

Start by listening. It is actually quite easy to hear the walking pole hitting into and scuffing the ground.

To correct this mistake – first it is important to become aware that you are scuffling – then to consciously think about how you’re bringing your walking poles forward. Being sure they are in a backward angle, so that when they hit the ground they are ready to plant and push you off forward without scuffle.

...they have immensely helped me with my recovery and I LOVE them. I walk every day, rain or shine…

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