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How to use Your Walking Poles

No Same Legging!

When Pole Walking, easily correct the number one mistake that will make you look like a pole walking ROOKIE and put you off BALANCE when you pole walk!

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No Same Legging!

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No Same Legging!

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Same-legging is a term Keenfit has coined to name the incorrect use of walking poles where the user moves the same arm with the same leg instead of walking the more natural movement of opposite leg to hand. Generally this is caused by over thinking the unconscious, normal movement of walking.

Walking without poles is something we already do naturally – we don’t even think about it. We simply move walking opposite leg to hand. But something funny happens when people put walking poles in their hands. It isn’t that they are geeky - it’s just amazing how geeky they can look walking same leg to hand. To correct this mistake, stop, move forward the leg that you feel would like to move first and at the same time extending forward the opposite arm. Before moving anything else, think about your other arm and other leg. Now, at the same time, move them both forward together.

Look straight ahead and don’t think, don’t think, don’t think. Just walk.

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