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As an avid Nordic Walker, her Pole Walking mission to Inspire, Inform and Empower people to become accountable for themselves so they can find balance, live in peace and walk as their true selves.

Using walking poles changed her life, and it can change yours too!

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Meet the Pole Lady

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Meet the Pole Lady

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I was a crazy-busy building contractor and the mother of three when my mother-in-law from Denmark gave me a pair of walking poles. First of all – just so you know – I’m one of those women that put on 50 lbs with each pregnancy and I tend to keep at least 10 lbs each time.

When I first started walking with poles I didn’t even have a clue of how to use them. I didn’t even know how they worked. But before I knew it, I couldn’t get over what started happening to me. I started feeling muscles I hadn’t even felt before. In my shoulder, in my arms, in my core, in my back – it was so great. But the thing that I loved the most was the added energy I had.

Before when I used to walk, I used to watch my clock and go, ‘okay, that’s enough, I’m done now’. But now – with the walking poles – instead I go, do you think I could go another block? Do you think I could go for ten more minutes? Ooh, that block went fast, I’ll go another’. I just had so much energy – I felt like the Energizer Bunny. Six months later I lost 30 lbs. And I was so fascinated by what had happened to me and so excited about what this European fitness secret could do for others that after training and study I founded Keenfit and developed the Keenfit Pole walking System. With North America’s crazy lifestyle and the fact that our health system is in pretty rough shape - not to mention we are at epidemic proportions with cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and obesity that are all at an all-time high.

Interestingly enough, exercise is at the top of the list to help prevent, and even help cure many of these health challenges. With walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise we can pretty much all do.

At Keenfit we’re not just about the walking poles, we’re about using them. Our mission is to inspire, inform and empower people to become accountable for themselves, so they can find balance, live in peace and walk as their true selves. And with accountability being the key and with pole walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise we can pretty much all do – then there’s no reason why we can’t accomplish our vision, which is to raise the fitness level of North America and create a walking revolution. That is why I’m so excited to have you join us and learn how the Keenfit Pole Walking System can turn a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, aerobic and total body workout. So, be accountable – get out there – and use your walking poles!

After having kids, there was that last 10-15 pounds left on that I never could seem to shed.…

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