"Sheri is so energetic - she engages the whole audience.
I would recommend her as a speaker for any event..."

Some Things About Sheri

Who is Sheri Simson, The Pole Lady?

I am a very passionate person who is truly committed to my company's vision 'to raise the fitness level of North America and create a walking revolution!' My hard-knocks & first-hand experience of weight-loss and getting-fit & healthy [read Sheri-Before & After Poles - for my whole story] - fuels my no-nonsense, creative approach to helping others make constructive, healthy choices that aid individuals in carrying-out positive changes in their lives.

Sheri out for a pole walk

If I were to sum myself up in just a few words,
I would say as a Person that I am:
- Fun-loving, high-energy, caring, funny, colorful, committed, hardworking, fit & healthy.
- Fueled daily by my mission & passion to inspire & motivate people to be more!
- A woman who loves being a mother to my 3 boys & wife to my wonderful husband.
- An assertive, commanding leader that appreciates others & their contribution.
- Very honored to be able to coach people at making healthy choices & changes in their lives.

I would say as a Presenter that I deliver:
- A Passionate contagious energy-infused message.
- Engaging audience interaction that promotes self-thinking & development.
- Motivation & inspiration that fuels change for long-term success.
- Knowledge & information with a fun-loving, light-hearted, humorous approach.

Some other interesting things about Sheri - She:
- became Certified as a Nordic Pole Walking Instructor in Denmark.
- has Pole Walked 100's of thousands of km/mi . . . & counting!
- has been an Entrepreneur since the age of 15.
- was an Certified Aerobics Instructor in my early 20's.
- is a writer & has written articles for several different newspapers & magazines
- has completed several years of Self-Development & Study
- is very Creative & Artistic
- was a Designer / Builder / General Contractor for 17yrs with her own Construction Co.
- is a Visionary.

Enough about me. . .
Here's what can I do for YOU, your group, company or audience - I will help them:- Find their own solution to the "I'm too busy" / "I'm too tired" epidemic.
- Discover how a fit & healthy body creates a clear & productive mind.
- Understand why making activity important is the key, not just to their health, but to their happiness.
- Take action so they can move forward from where they are in order to realize more in their lives.
- Recognize why they do what they do - helping them to CHOOSE, rather than REACT to events.
- See the value in relationships - & how support is vital to their success.
- Realize that routine is the secret to change & making things happen in their lives.
- Learn how celebration & gratitude can inspires us to keep reaching for the next level.
- Learn how to master guilt & the control it can have over us.

Sheri has spoken to many different companies & groups about how being fit & healthy
effects your at-home & at-work relationships,
as well - how creative & energetic you can be at your job & your life!

She would be thrilled & honored to come speak to YOUR company / group!
Please just email Sheri at keenfit@keenfit.com & let her know:

- Your name
- Your company's name
- How large is your group
- Phone number
- E-mail address
- Date of the event

. . . Look forward to hearing from.

I don’t just walk and enjoy long, hard hikes but they help me keep my weight in check – and I am always the first one to say “so where are we going next!”…

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