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"I was 41, 48 lbs over weight and terribly out of shape."

As the owner of my own successful construction company, a wife and a mother of three young boys - finding time to exercise, eat healthy, and relax seemed impossible let alone exhausting! Carrying three baby's full term had done a number on my body & my back, not to mention I had held onto a few extra pounds with each pregnancy. I not only felt unattractive but I was tired all the time.

It didn't take long for me to notice that walking with poles made a difference!

I was 41, 48 lbs over weight and terribly out of shape. My once fairly fit, strong body now had loose/extra skin & fat, weak / limp muscles, and cellulite (in places I never knew you could get cellulite). Not to mention I had aches & pains all over. Never would I dare be seen in anything sleeveless and I went years where I felt embarrassed if anyone but my family saw me in a bathing suit. I blamed a lot of it on the fact that I was over forty.

Come on - who doesn't gain weight as they get older? And isn't it a fact that losing weight, let alone being fit, becomes a lot harder as you age?

…As hard as I may, I tried to exercise whenever I could, & I watched what I ate, but to no avail I seemed destined be over weight & out of shape.

Sheri Simson before and after

Desperate, I signed up for 'Weight Watchers' and realized that, though I thought I was eating well - I was - but just a little too well! I can't say enough about this program it really helped me change the way I looked at food and how I approached eating. I didn’t & I still don't diet - I just watch what I eat! (I tell you this because; as I developed the "Keenfit Walking System" how you feed your body is very much a part of its success.)

I finally started going in the right direction. I was watching what I was eating & I was starting to lose weight, but I still felt sluggish, tired & out of shape. With juggling my full time business & busy family I had little time, energy & extra money to get into shape. Walking was all I had the time or money for - but just walking seemed to have little effect on how I looked and felt.

Sheri Simson pole held highIt was on a trip to my husband’s home of Denmark where I was first introduced to 'Nordic / Fitness Walking Poles'. My mother-in-law gave me a pair of poles and I was excited to put them to work. I was blown away by the results they produced! Not only was it easy (at first I thought it was maybe too easy, you know - "no pain/no gain!") but once I got a rhythm going, my whole body felt energized, as the walking poles seemed to propel me forward.

It didn't take long for me to notice that walking with poles made a difference - my fat just seemed to fall off! It was amazing, within weeks I felt stronger and definitely tighter! The funny thing was I wasn't walking any further or any faster but yet WOW - I couldn't get over what was happening to my entire body! I had so much more energy, not to mention I enjoyed watching my body take on its new shape. The whole experience empowered me - for the first time in a long time I actually felt sexy! (I had arms like Madonna and I wasn't even lifting weights!)

Fascinated by what had happened to me & excited by what this European Secret could do for others - I decided that with North America’s crazy lifestyle & imminent poor health – it was my duty (and now my company’s  mission) to inform, inspire, empower & support people to become accountable for themselves so they can find balance, live in peace & walk as their true self. I would truly like to raise the fitness level of North America and create a walking revolution by letting everyone know that it can be as easy as turning a simple walk around the block into efficient, effective, aerobic total body work-out – by just adding walking poles!

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