We want to Raise the Fitness Level of North America.
Help us Create a Walking Revolution...

Our Mission & Vision

Get fit with Keenfit and Walk Your Path!

Get fit with Keenfit and Walk Your Path!
Since 2004 Keenfit has been a leader in
bringing Pole Walking to North American's.

We are proud
that we aren't just about Walking Poles
but rather that we are about Pole Walking!
This mantra has helped us hold-true to our mission
& keeps us striding confidently forward towards
making a difference in the health of our world.

Our Mission: is to inform, inspire, empower and support people to become accountable for themselves
so they can find balance, live in peace and walk as their true selves.

Our Vision: is to raise the fitness level of North America & ultimately - The World.

Our Goal: is to create a Walking Revolution!

And with accountability being the key and with Pole Walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise we can pretty much all do, there's no reason why we can't accomplish this vision!

'Get Fit and Walk YOUR Path!'

My physical therapist says I have passed the benchmarks set for me, and she calls me her “poster girl.” I had a checkup with my orthopedic surgeon yesterday, and he said I could skip the twelve-week checkup and comeback in six months!…

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Scarborough, ME - United States