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What is Pole Walking?

What Is Pole Walking?

Pole Walking is a rhythmically, energizing form of walking that includes using a specially designed pair of walking poles that helps you (with less effort) incorporate your entire body rather than just your lower body.

It basically turns a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, aerobic total body workout.

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History of Pole Walking

Pole Walking stems from the sport of cross country skiing – it is believed to of originated as far back as the 1930’s, when the cross country ski coaches of Finland were struggling to keep their athletes in peak performance during the off season.

It soon became popular with the average person once the total body benefits and the overall fun of the activity was discovered – spreading throughout Northern Europe – where millions of people have partaken in it regularly for decades.

Pole Walking also known as Nordic Walking has only recently been seen here in North America – but it is by all means here to stay!

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Benefits of Pole Walking
What Can Pole Walking Do For You?

Pole Waking not only makes walking more beneficial but they actually take less effort to use and are easier on our bodies.

  • We use less than 50% of our major muscles when we walk without walking poles – when we use fitness walking poles we use over 90%. In doing so we spread our weight out helping to lessen the load with which we hit the ground by 26% - making a big difference for those people who have back, hip, knee, ankle or feet problems.
  • Not to mention walking with poles while we walk naturally aligns our spine and strengthens our core with each step – helping use to stand and sit taller.
  • We also don’t have to go as far or work as hard when we are using walking poles we increase our cardio by 20% and our calorie burn by Up to 48% without any more effort!...What more could you want? Oh! and you can do it in less time too -30min of Pole walking is equal to 50min of regular walking.

It’s one of the most beneficial and rewarding activities you’ll ever do!

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